beta Breakfast
58 ₪
2 eggs of your choice or egg white omelette, chopped vegetable salad, bread and a choice of 2 morning Petite Plates also: butter / confiture / olives
beta Breakfast for Two
94 ₪
2+2 eggs of your choice or egg white omelette, 2 chopped vegetable salads, bread and a choice of 3 morning Petite Plates also: butter / confiture / olives
Add to your egg
'Emek' cheese/ Feta cheese 6 Bacon 9
Market Place Breakfast
58 ₪
'Shakshuka' (2 eggs cooked on thick tomato sauce), bread and a choice of one Petite Plate
also: butter / confiture / olives
Petite Plate
8 ₪
Curd cheese and tapenade , Tahini and spicy roast carrot , 'Labane' and fried eggplants , Aromatic chickpea paste and red onion , Mashed avocado and red onion , Tarama (Icră) – additional 4 , Chopped liver with lemony cabbage – additional 4
48 ₪
Crunchy granola with Halva, grains and other goodies, Yoghurt, fresh fruit, honey and mint
Oatmeal Porridge (vegan)
46 ₪
Bananas, mixed nuts, cherry sauce and raw Tahini
Small Breakfast
46 ₪
Hard boiled egg, chopped vegetable salad (cucumber, tomato, parsley, lemon peel and red onion), our tahini and bread
Served Sunday-Thursday until 12:00pm * All meals include coffee and freshly squeezed juice
* Bigger coffee or other special drink 2-4
* Gluten free bread – additional 6

Balkan Breakfast
42 ₪
Baked savory with goat cheese, hard boild egg, radish salad, harisa, olives and a glass of ayran
Beverage and a Sandwich
28 ₪
(French country bread / multi-grain bread) Half a sandwich of Health / Vegan / Ricotta Salata / hard boiled egg or omelette (curd cheese, tomato, red onion) / Avocado
Baked Pastry and Beverage
26 ₪


Health Sandwich
48 ₪
Walnut paste, 'Zfatit' cheese, cucumber, tomato and arugula
Egg Sandwich
42 ₪
Tahini, spicy pepper paste, hard boild egg, cucumber, lettuce, arugula and mint
Ricotta Salata Sandwich
44 ₪
Ricotta Salata, parsley pesto, black olives, roast eggplant, cucumber and greens
Vegan Sandwich
44 ₪
Aromatic chickpea paste, fried eggplants, roast carrots and cucumber
Avocado Sandwich (in season)
44 ₪
tahini, avocado, arugula, radish and lemon peel
Warm Chicken Sandwich (or with Sardines)
46 ₪
Parsley pesto, preserved lemon mayonnaise, sliced roast chicken and tomato
Toasted Cheese Sandwich (white bread)
52 ₪
Arugula pesto, ‘Emek’ cheese, Feta cheese, olives, tomato and red onion
(served until 19:00) Made from French country bread / multi-grain bread and served with arugula salad


Alpha-beta Salad
52 ₪
Finely chopped vegetables (tomato, cucumber, pepper, red onion), rice and organic black lentils, with a yoghurt-tahini sauce
Tomato and Bread Salad
48 ₪
Toasted bread, Straccino cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, sweet peas, red onion and fresh oregano, in red wine vinegar and olive oil
Ricotta Salata Salad
48 ₪
Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, mint leaves, black olives and ricotta salata (sheep)
Summer Salad
54 ₪
Wehani rice, excellent Brinza cheese, radish, arugula, green onion, lemon peel, toasted almonds and parsley, in olive oil and lemon juice
Quinoa and Feta Cheese Salad
56 ₪
Cold salad of quinoa, tomato, Feta cheese, almonds and sunflower sprouts, in a preserved lemon and chili dressing
Cesar Salad
44 ₪
Young romaine lettuce, parmesan and croutons, (in a rich Caesar dressing (contain mustard * Roasted chicken 15 * Sautéed salmon chunks 18
Chicken Salad
56 ₪
Warm slices of roast chicken, lentils, arugula, coriander, red onion and cucumber, with a mustard-carrot sauce
Quinoa and Salmon Salad
58 ₪
Quinoa, radish, cucumber, green onion, arugula, broccoli sprouts and warm salmon chunks, served with green tahini